Publications and conference presentations

  • M. Wilkins, N. Zhang, and J. Schmid
    Biological Roles of Protein-Coding Tandem Repeats in the Yeast Candida Albicans
    Journal of Fungi 4.3 (2018), 78-95
    abstract pdf bibtex

  • L Fullard, W L Sweatman, and M C Wilkins
    Eliminating early cut-offs and estimating cycle end time in a tumble dryer
    ANZIAM J. 57 M237--M267 (2016)
    abstract pdf bibtex

  • R I McLachlan and M C Wilkins
    The Multisymplectic Diamond Scheme
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 37-1 (2015), pp. A369-A390
    abstract pdf bibtex

  • R I McLachlan, K Modin, O Verdier, and M Wilkins
    Geometric Generalisations of SHAKE and RATTLE
    Foundations of Computational Mathematics June 2013
    abstract pdf bibtex

  • R I McLachlan, K Modin, O Verdier, and M Wilkins
    Symplectic integrators for index 1 constraints
    SIAM J Sci Comput 35(5) (2013), A2150-A2162
    abstract pdf bibtex

  • M.P. Cox, B.R. Holland, M.C. Wilkins and J. Schmid.
    Reconstructing Past Changes in Locus-Specific Recombination Rates
    BMC Genetics 2013, 14:11
    abstract pdf bibtex

  • J. Schmid, M. Wilkins, N. Zhang, R. Bradshaw, M. Cox, R. Cannon, C. Schardl
    Why do so many fungal open reading frames contain repeats?
    Mycoses: diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis of fungal diseases Vol. 55 (pp. 67-68)
    18th Congress of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology [ISHAM 2012]: From Laboratory to Clinic: Blackwell Verlag GmbH.

  • J. Schmid, B. Holland, M. Wilkins
    Evaluation of a new method for assessing changes in the rate of sexual recombination over time
    Presented at ComBio Christchurch NZ 2009

  • M. Wilkins and J. Sneyd
    Intercellular Spiral Waves of Calcium
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 191 (1998), 299-308
    pdf bibtex

  • J. Sneyd, M. Wilkins, A. Strahonja, M. J. Sanderson
    Calcium waves and oscillations driven by an intercellular gradient of inositol (1,4,5)-trisphosphate
    Biophysical Chemistry 72 (1998), 101-109
    pdf bibtex

  • G. Lopomo, M. Wilkins, V. Agrawal, S. Seshadri
    Optimal selling mechanisms with multiple objects and one-unit demands
    Presented at the First World Congress of the Game Theory Society (Games 2000), July 24-28 2000, Bilbao Spain